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We all do jobs or something from which we can earn money and live a stable life, but sometimes we get tired of doing the same job every day, and we want to take a rest from it or leave that job some how but making that decision is hard, so today I will tell you the seven reason when you should quit your job.

You Are Not Happy

The time you wake up and you start thinking about quitting your job. It makes you sick the whole day; you begin to get stressed all day then it’s time to leave that job. There are many things where you can earn money if you put in the right effort; you have to believe in yourself. When we are unhappy, we don’t do anything with our full potential, and we start doubting ourselves that we are not good enough. That makes our life more miserable, so it’s better to cut the root of things which make us think all these.

Your Boss Is Not Good

If your Boss is making your life hell, what are you doing there? Quit that job; it is not worth working for. You will find more good jobs where you will get the respect you deserve. A boss or leader is something we look up to. We want to be like them, but if the Boss is an Asshole, there is no point in working there. You have one life; don’t make it shitty for yourself; you spend 1/3rd of your day in your office, and you don’t want to live like that for your 1/3rd life.

You Don’t Find Any Growth

Now, if you are just a fresher who joined a company to learn new skills and now it’s been six months, but you are not finding anything challenging, or you are doing the same work from the first day. If you are not learning anything new, you should talk with your Boss or senior to give you further tasks or projects from which you can learn something new. Still, then again, they don’t have anything new for you, or they want to keep it like that, then spend six more months there for the CV, then just quit and find a new job where you can learn more because in starting the more you get experience in some field you get more opportunities in your future company later.

Work Culture Is Not Good

Now your Boss is good, but if your colleague or senior is just someone who demotivates you, scolds you, or gives you unnecessary tasks, you should quit your job. Good Work Culture is essential for personal growth. You don’t want to work somewhere where people don’t respect you; it will make you lonely and sad also, so say goodbye to all of them and leave. I know you want to stand up for yourself, but you can’t change people who are who they are. If they like teasing you, they will tease you, so the best thing you do is leave them and save time.

Salary is not rising.

Now that you are working for someone for 2-3 years or more, and you are working with your full potential there, but you are not getting the salary you deserve, you should quit your job and join another firm. Changing jobs help in salary increase, but give a company atleast two years; otherwise, the firm will think that you will also quit their firm a few months after seeing your profile. Please spend some time there, show them your potential, then ask them about the salary. If they still don’t increase it, then you can leave.

You Are Working too Much.

Now, if you are working 14-15 hours a day, you should quit that job. We all have 24 hours a day, and we can’t spend more than half our day working for someone else. Working like that for a few months is ok, but you can’t work like that for years. You should find something else to replace it; otherwise, you will lose the most precious thing in the world, TIME. Do an 8-hour job and work the other 6 hours for yourself, learning something or making a side hustle which can help you in the long term. You should also Invest your money which will help you to make more money and save time.

You Want To Start A Business

Now, if you are bored of 9 to 5 life and want to start your own business, then you should start. Everyone should try to do business. But plan before starting any business, like how much funds you need and how you will survive all those months without any income. If you can start your business and also have a job in side to fund your business, then it will help you in starting, and you can leave your career after you start earning from your company.


Ultimately, I want to tell you to work for the life you want, not only to survive the life we all have one life not waste it, but Live it.

Thanks for reading hope you find this article helpful.


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