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How To Achieve Anything In Life?

I am a dreamer who was always dreaming of earning a lot of Money, Traveling the world, and to date my Crush but I never achieved any of those things and the main reason for that is I didn’t take any Action. To know how to Achieve Anything In Life I tried to find out anything magical which can help me to complete my goals quickly but there is nothing like that out there.

I read 2–3 books and watch a lot of motivational videos on Youtube which can somehow motivate me to achieve all those things but I never got motivated for more than 5 minutes after completing all those things.

So what am I going to do to Achieve Anything In Life?

Then I started to think what is the hardest thing I have done in my life there are many things that I never thought of ever doing but still I complete all those things. Like riding a bicycle, completing my whole syllabus in one month right before the exam, or doing my first push-up or pull up which was the hardest thing when I just started exercising I lose a lot of weight which I gained again now and I also work in the construction of my house which was exhausting.

All those things were Achieved because the only Reason was that I take Action and I never quit in middle this is the only things that will help you also to achieve anything in Life.

Take Action and Don’t Quit

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Yes, this is the one and the only thing which will help you and me to achieve anything in Life. If we want to earn money then we have to learn the skills which can help us to Earn, if we want to Travel the world then we have to start saving the money for it and if we want to date our crush then we have to hypnotize her (I’m just kidding).

The main reason why we don’t take any action and if we take we quit easily is because our desire to complete the task is not strong enough can motivate us to complete the work.

How to Increase Our Desire

To increase our desire we need small wins or rewards in the middle which can help us motivate to achieve our goals. Like if our goal is to get fit then after 3 days of the diet we can treat ourselves to something we wanted to eat.

With this type of reward, we will stay motivated long enough and then we will somehow reach our goals. Taking actions, completing the task are the smallest and important task we have to do continuously.

Seek Discomfort

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We all want to stay always in a comfortable zone and that is also one of the main things which are stopping us to take crucial actions to achieve anything in life. We will reach our true potential when we go out of our comfort zone to do anything and in starting it is the hardest thing to do. We all know that if we work hard or if we take action then we can complete our goals but our mind is controlling us not to do anything we are in full control of it.

And if you truly want to achieve anything in life then you have to take control of your mind and you have to say YES to all those things which can help you to achieve your goals. Remember great things always come when we go out of our comfort zone.

Final word

We are only one Action away to achieve anything in life and I am sure if we give our 99.99% then we can achieve anything we want in this life. All we need is hard work and consistency and if we did our best then there is nothing that can stop us achieve anything in life.

So don’t waste time and start taking action.

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