nice to meet you

Hey Folks, I am Abhishek and the admin of Four Star Blog.

Welcome to blogging website Fourstarblog.com

So why did I started this blog?

The main reason to start this blog was to escape the 9 to 5 work life, I really hated it. I wanted to do something which I can do from anywhere and become my own boss and then I decided I will become a blogger.

So why Travel blogging?

I never really choose one topic from starting when I decided blogging. In starting, I write about different things like Finance and SEO or Blogging tips also but I never really like writing about those topics then I thought the main reason to start this blog was to do the thing which I really love. So then I thinks alot and decided I will start my blog either on “Traveling” or “Movies”.

Between Movie and Traveling I decided Traveling will be better in the long run so thats why I choose Traveling niche.

What type of Content you will find here?

In this blog you will find different type of articles, guides, reviews which can help you to gain knowledge for your travel journey.

So thats it about fourstarblog and me. Thank you for visiting our site, and I hope you will find anything usefull in our articles.

If you have any questions then you can email me just check Contact Us page and you will find my contact there.

our goal

In the era, where every one is getting distracted by videos we want to give you a unique reading experience.

So we will try our best to write good articles for you.

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