How to reach Mandarmani

How To Reach Mandarmani From Kolkata (Bus, Train, Cab and Car)

Mandarmani is a very beautiful and less crowded beach in Kolkata in comparison to Digha Beach. If you are choosing between the two of them then go to Mandarmani beach is best in my opinion.

Now Let’s talk about how can you reach Mandarmani Beach from Kolkata.

There are mainly four main options to go to Mandarmani Beach from Kolkata One is a Train, the Second is a bus, the Third is Cab and Fourth is by Car.

How Can You Reach Mandarmani Beach by Train?

Local Train of Howrah
Reach Mandarmani Beach by Train

If you want to go Mandarmani Beach by Train then you have to go to Howrah station and from there, you have to take a local train to Digha or Contai in the early morning, and after reaching any of those stations you can take an auto or ricksaw to go to Mandarmani Beach. Local trains can be a little bit crowded because many people go from trains to Digha.

The cost per person will be around INR 150-250.

How Can You Reach Mandarmani Beach by Bus?

Taking bus ride
Reach Mandarmani By Bus

This is my favorite way to reach Mandarmani. You can get the Mandarmani Beach bus from the Esplanade bus stand in the early morning. The bus will take around 3 to 3.5 hours to reach Mandarmani Beach, the bus will drop you at Chaulkhola Bus Stand from there you can take an auto to reach any hotel or Mandarmani Beach.

The cost for per person by bus will be around INR 150-250. One thing more, try to negotiate with the bus conductor because he will tell you the price little bit high. When my friends were going to Mandarmani the bus conductor told us INR 300 but after some negotiation, he got ready for INR 250.

How Can You Reach Mandarmani Beach by Cab?

Reach Mandarmani by Cab

If you are going to Mandarmani Beach by Cab then you can hire a cab from online platforms. You can simply find many results by searching on Google “ Kolkata to Mandarmani Beach Taxi fare” and then you can choose any one as per your liking. The cab will take around 4 hours to reach Mandarmani Beach.

The cost of Taxi is around INR 3000 to INR 4000 for 4 people.

How Can You Reach Mandarmani Beach by Car?

New Bridge Kolkata
New Bridge Kolkata

If you have your Car and you want to drive to Mandarmani then you can go via NH16 and NH 116B. Kolkata to Mandarmani distance is about 172 KM and if you go from 50 to 60 KmPh then it will take you around 4 hours to reach Mandarmani.

For better clarity, you can use Google Maps and it will give you the full route.



So that’s it for today, I hope you find the above information useful and get your question answered, and if you have any other questions feel free to comment and I will try to give you the answer ASAP.

Happy Traveling.

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