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How Much Does It Cost To Travel Europe In 2024

You have the itching, then, huh? that irresistible desire to grab your belongings and travel to the enchanting, historically significant continent of Europe! You’re thinking of the vast view of the Swiss Alps, the mouthwatering pastries from France, the tasty spaghetti from Italy, and the tapas from Spain.

However, the thought of cost to travel Europe come to your mind as you’re ready to book a trip and begin packing your luggage.

Suddenly, the question isn’t just “When can I go?” but more importantly “How much does it cost to travel Europe?” Right?

But don’t worry—you’re insured by us! As we break this down, take a seat and sip a cup of tea (or a bottle of wine if you’re feeling very festive).

Before starting further the answer to “How Much Does It Cost To Travel Europe in 2024?” is about $100 to $500 a day for per person and it can go a little bit high as per your spending. The flight cost is not added to the above amount cause the flight amount will vary on your location and from where you start your journey to Europe.

Why Travel to Europe?

How much it cost to Travel Europe

First off, we must address why Traveling to Europe is worth every precious penny you’re considering spending. With its rich history stretching back millennia—not to mention an enviable cultural richness—Europe is quite literally an open-air museum!

Each city tells stories of empires risen and fallen, artistic epochs, and tales as old as time—worth investing in!

Factors Affecting Your Cost To Travel Europe

Your travel costs are like a unique piece of artwork—they won’t be identical to anyone else’s due to various factors such as time of year, destination choice, accommodation preferences, and so on.

Just remember it’s not about grabbing onto the cheapest deal but finding value in your experience.


First off, we have airfare. This would likely appear as a big piece of your expense pie chart but don’t fret! The cost can vary vastly depending on when and where you choose to fly.

Timing is key here: think less “fly when it’s warm” and more “when do other people not want to fly?” Ticking the box for flexible dates can be a serious game-changer!

From here you can calculate the average estimates of your flight cost when you start planning for travel to Europe.


Moving onto accommodations—which, to be honest, reminds us all too fondly of that fateful episode in Friends—Hotels? Hostels? Holiday Rentals? Europe offers you so many choices, so depending on your comfort needs and the party you’re bringing along (Is Aunt Susan coming?) these options can make a significant difference in your cost to travel Europe.

Food and Drink Expenses

Street food in Italy, Europe
Street Food in Italy

European cuisine! It’s winter Christmas markets, churros by Spanish beaches, Italian pizza & gelato! The array is almost intimidating. Full disclosure: food is not where we’d recommend you cut corners.

Enjoying local delicacies is part of the experience.

Factor in both treats from roadside bakeries to seated dinners at local recommended restaurants. Don’t forget local markets; they’re an immersive experience that is kind on the wallet!

Check out: Best Places for Breakfast in Edinburgh

Transportation within Europe

Aah, European public transport. The good news: it’s reliable and efficient. Even better news: it fits a range of budgets. From ubiquitous taxis to exploring cities on a rented bicycle, you have plenty of options.

Try taking a cheerful yellow tram through Lisbon or take in Amsterdam’s beautiful cityscape through its canal network!

The average Transport cost in Europe per KM is €1.57, so using public transportation will not affect to much on your budget too much when you are calculating your cost to travel Europe.

Sightseeing and Tours

Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower

The ticket prices for most renowned sites will set you back but think of them as a pass into history: sipping coffee underneath the Eiffel Tower or sharing space with Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa at the Louvre.

Factor this into your budget; then again numerous attractions require nothing but an adventurous spirit!

Remember to enjoy all the things while you are there and maybe the cost to traveling Europe will go a little bit high and you have to increase your budget but the memories you make while seeing all the places in Europe will going to be worth it trust me.

So, don’t be hard on yourself for things that will make you happy it is not every time you are traveling to Europe.

Shopping and Souvenir Costs

Shopping street
Shopping street in Europe

Let’s talk shopping! Whether you’re planning on going on a fashion spree in Paris or just picking up unique souvenirs, shopping can add to your costs.

Europe hosts everything from high-end boutiques to floating markets. While it’s important to keep a pulse on your budget, remember, that quirky hat or beautiful painting might be what reminds you of that amazing sunset years later.

Average Trip Costs: Country-by-Country Breakdown

Europe is diverse in every sense, even when it comes to travel costs. Countries like Iceland and Switzerland tend to run a little higher on the budget scale, while Portugal, Greece, and the like are kinder on the wallet.

It’s like a buffet of budgets and experiences! Don’t shy away from the more expensive ones though; wonderfully enough, you’ll find affordable experiences tucked into every corner of this grand continent.

How Can I Travel Throughout Europe and Save Money?

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that I’ve been leaving advice around like breadcrumbs. Well here’s another one: Be savvy with your money but not stingy with your experiences.

Take advantage of local free days at museums, explore walking tours and maybe try out camping under the stars someplace beautiful! It will be a great way to optimize your cost to travel Europe.

Budgeting Your Trip

Budgeting the cost to travel Europe
Budgeting Your Cost To Travel Europe

The word ‘budget’ often feels like an ominous cloud raining down on our sparkling plans. But consider budgeting as making sure you get the most bang for your buck!

Prioritize what matters most to you: If trying a new restaurant tops walking through another museum then go for it. Remember those breadcrumbs? Collect them and spread them all over your budget map.

Choosing the Off-Peak Season

Remember that talk about airfare? So, ‘off-peak’ usually means winter. Sure, no warm beaches but imagine warm cocoa in a snow-crusted Vienna! Some places like Rome are just as beautiful off-peak and much less crowded.

Plus your budget will breathe easier! And this will also affect a lot in the cost to traveling to Europe.

Utilizing City Tourist Cards

Wait till you hear about city tourist cards! They provide you with cheap access to a variety of local transportation options and activities, much like golden tickets.

An illustration of this would be the “I-Amsterdam city card” that Amsterdam provides, which entitles holders to free access to more than 60 locations, limitless public transit, and even a canal tour! These babies can save both money and time.

Travel Insurance

I know what you’re thinking: Insurance? Yawn! But humor me for a second – While we hope vacations go without glitches, travel insurance provides that secret superhero cape.

From lost bags to last-minute cancellations, good insurance coverage could potentially save the budget drama for another day.

Their are 90% chance that you will not need Travel Insurance but by chance some problem occurs then it will help you tremendously and will save your cost to travel Europe to go high.

Some Tools to Help Plan Your Trip

Alight at the virtual station where the internet is your oyster! Planning is like a secret handshake between your current self and future vacation self.

Trust me, whether you’re balancing schedules or seeking out the best street food, apps, and websites have got you covered.

There is something eternally satisfying about using an app to discover that unassuming coffee house you’d never have found otherwise!

Visa Expenses

This may be the less glamorous part of travel but entirely necessary. The destination country and your nationality can affect the cost of a visa. Though it’s a small thing to pay to have access to such a wonderful world of experiences, try not to let this intimidate you too much.

Currency Conversion Rates

Currency Exchange
Currency Exchange

An interesting piece in our budget puzzle is currency conversion. Ever had that moment abroad where you spent ages figuring out if that souvenir was worth its price in your local currency? Well, save some grace (and time) by keeping tabs on the current rates of exchange.

Also, quick tip: for card transactions abroad, check with your bank about foreign transaction fees.

Average Trip Costs: Country-by-Country Breakdown Revisited

We’ve talked about this before but let’s make another pitstop here. Some countries necessitate a heavier wallet but remember this—wonderful experiences come in all budget sizes! Prioritize.

Maybe split your time between pricier and more affordable cities or find a balance within your selected destination itself!


Is traveling in Europe more expensive than in Asia? Like comparing apples and oranges, this is highly varied. Both continents have affordable and luxurious activities to offer.

Depending on where and how you decide to travel, that is. Perceived expenses shouldn’t stop you from exploring either!

Can I travel to Europe on a shoestring budget?

Of course! Warning: If you have a tight budget, Europe can be surprisingly accommodating.

Select affordable lodging, take use of public parks and museums, and savor street cuisine! It is still possible to save costs without compromising the quality of the experience.


Lastly, try not to worry too much about the cost of the vacation. It could be challenging to spend all the money you’ve saved, but the pleasure you’ll have and the memories you’ll make will make it worthwhile.

So take these tips, your sense of adventure (and yes, that budgeting app), and start planning your European dream! Recall that the most valuable things you will carry back with you are the memories and precious experiences you will make.

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